Bing / Yahoo! – the integration details

yahoo-microsoft-allianceLast week, the SEMPO NYC working group that I co-organize welcomed Yahoo and Microsoft to educate New York search marketers on the upcoming changes. Some good detail around the timeline, which really kicks off this month.

We’ve been seeing the “Powered by Bing’ results creep into the Yahoo SERPs, and we got some confirmation that it’s officially underway. Some other notes:

  • We’re currently in a 25% testing mode.
  • Through the next 6-8 weeks, that transition will move to 100% of the results.
  • The order of the SERPs (and ultimately the paid ads) will be identical.
  • Microsoft has a 10 year exclusive on the Yahoo! search technology, and we can expect to see some of that incorporated into the search results.

For some more info, take a look at this great blog post about the Search Alliance by Kathleen Evans and Luca Mihaly from Conductor’s Customer Success Team.